Rantabileet keskellä talvea

Spend a short moment dreaming. Take your thoughts in a warm place with sand. Think about people dressed up with cool beach wear wandering on a soft white sand. DJ plays just the perfect peace of music. You are sipping a cold drink and just about to start to enjoy delicious beach dinner. The real beach party is about to start with breath taking Samba show.

Only the imagination is a limit at Biitsi.fi beach parties. Ideal group size is between 30 and 400 persons. Parties are always private events.

Check our 2016 Pre-Christmas party video: https://youtu.be/FX-MxwmKZhI

Meeting, activities or sauna before the beach party? More information



  • Sand area 750 m2
  • Bar with a lounge area with 66 seats
  • Four toilets
  • sauna
  • Cloat check and changong rooms for bigger groups


  • Light system
  • Beach decorations
  • Stage
  • Beach furniture


  • Samba show
  • DJ´s and Bands
  • Comedians and magicians
  • Beach olympic games


  • Sound system and Spotify
  • Wireless microphones


Call Juha or Veijo to discuss how to arrange best sport event for you. You can also visit us in Salmisaari.

Juha tahjanjoki

Juha Tähjänjoki

040 571 4948
Veijo sievila

Veijo Sievilä

050 544 7046