Beach Club Tournament no.13 (Teras Beach Tallinn)


The next Beach Club Tournament will be in Teras Friday, 25.1.2019! These 18+ monthly events will save you from the fall’s dark, rainy and cold day’s. Laid back beach volleyball tournament will be played in +26°C heat, and frosty drinks will cool you down while the DJ is playing your favorite tunes!

NOTE This is NOT a professional tournament, but a very laid back amateur tournament, where beginners are very welcomed! The point is to have fun playing and drinking - not to win every match with red face. So leave your car home and grab a long drink instead of warming up.

Your team can be mixed, atleast one women needs to be on the court. Your team can have 4+ persons. Price is 80€/team or 20€/ All Stars - player.

18:30 - 19:30 Arrival, changing clothes and payment
19:30 - 00:30 Beach Club Tournament
21:00 - 01.00 Sauna is on!
02.00 We close our doors (last call 1:30)

Create and sign up your own 4+ (unlimited) persons team to this hot and moist night!

If you want to join the All Stars - team, send your name, number, and email to Rivo (+37253325221 or All Stars - team consists of other solo players and staff members.