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Facebook account, email
or phone 045 652 5590

  • The reservation can be cancelled free of charge 48 hours prior to the starting time
  • Reservations starting 15:00, 16:00, 17:00 and 22.30 are for one hour duration, all other times are 1.5 hour slots.
  • On Friday and Saturday nights after 18.00 the age limit at biitsi is18.
  • Single bookings can be done inside three weeks
  • The prices are shown in the calendar and apply only for playing beach volley ball. If you wish to play other beach games like beach football, please explore more our beach sports package
  • Paying methods: cash, credit cards, Smartum -saldo, Smartum -seteli, Virike -seteli, Ticket duo and Sporttipassi.

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